A visual identity for everyone 


Miljn (Kiel, DE)




  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • UX/UI design

Miljn is a start-up on a mission to usher in a new paradigm of knowledge-sharing. We gave their identity a comprehensive update. Its simple typographic structure and direct imagery manages to address a broader audience and invite new users to the app.

The new logotype is a straight-forward wordmark in a neutral sans that still manages to reflect the openness and personal nature of the project. The colour palette was reworked to function across communication channels as well as in the application UI. Illustrations add uniqueness and a photocopy-like texture emphasising the themes of immediacy and sharing. When combined with images that focus on people and activities, they help the Miljn brand shift away from a purely technological approach and connect at a personal level.

For the sister brand miljn.org — a contributor community — the wordmark combines with a geometric symbol that references the decentralised aspects of the project.