Logotype for reforestation project 


Jardim Botânico Monchique (Monchique, PT)




  • Visual identity
  • Graphic design

Pro bono work for a non-profit reforestation project on the Monchique mountain in Portugal.

Due to climate change and intensive monoculture – eucalyptus plantations financed by the paper industry – Monchique is increasingly ravaged by aggressive forest fires, threatening people’s lives and the ecology. To raise awareness about this man-made devastation the people behind the magazine Eco123 bought some land on the mountain where they are now creating a botanic garden. Working together with landscape architects and a local school, the aim is to create a sustainable indigenous forest using permaculture principles. To mark the start of the construction of the garden, we were asked to design a billboard for the location. We wanted to highlight the political statement and challenge by emphasising the core of the project: biodiversity.